Investigation Services


Investigative Costs

Rate $95 Per Man Hour Field or Computer Investigative Time

Mileage $0.85 Per Mile

Work is done on a per hour basis and retainers are typically required in the approximate amount of work to be done, but staging and evaluation of work at each stage is permissible and encouraged. For established law firms and corporate clients, some flat fee charges may apply for straight database inquiries without additional investigation. Special types of work, such as expert witness testimony, eavesdropping detection, and some background investigations can be bid on a flat fee basis.

Investigations: An initial four hour investigation should generally reveal the liability factors of the case.

Additional Cost Factors

Computer searches, film, film developing, copies, recording tape, copies or any other actual items incurred that would be expenses.

NOTE: All investigative services are taxable at 8.25%.

NOTE: Mileage is billed out at per mile driven.

NOTE: Any and all services or costs may vary or change without notification, unless under contract.

Costs vary widely by the type of investigation conducted, the complexity of the investigation, and the personnel assigned.  All the billed times shown below include preparation, travel, activity, reporting, and administrative time associated with the activity or service performed.

The Investigators time is started when the investigator departs the office on the assignment.


Surveillance:  1st Investigator at a per hour rate. (Minimum 4 Hours Time)

Surveillance: 2nd Investigator at a per hour rate. (Minimum 4 Hours Time)

Database Investigator at per hour (Plus Data Base Costs)

Non Surveillance (covert undercover) at a per hour rate.

Report Preparation at a per hour rate.


• Home Surveillance
• Insurance Claimant
• Workers Compensation
• Long term disability
• Compensation Cases
• Personal Injury
• Corporate
• Workplace
• Commercial Business
• Employee
• Non-competes
• Security
• Industrial
• Residential and Commercial Construction sites
• Activity Verification, Adults and Juvenile, Sales Calls
• Family/Domestic
• Infidelity/Cheating Spouses/Significant Other
• Divorce
• Child Custody
• Child Abuse/Neglect
• Suspected Criminal Activities

Important Notice

The Public Records and commercially available data sources used on reports have errors.  Data is sometimes entered poorly, processed incorrectly and is generally not free from defect.  This system should not be relied upon as definitively accurate.  Before relying on any data this system supplies, it should be independently verified.  For Secretary of State documents, the following data is for information purposes only and is not an official record.  Certified copies may be obtained from that individual state's Department of State.


At Barns & Associates Investigations, we understand the difficulty frequently involved in locating and properly identifying assets. Whether you might be considering a Civil action against an individual or company, or if you have already obtained a judgment against an individual or company. Information obtained through an Asset Search and Investigation is critical for your decision making process on any action you might be pursuing.  It is equally important in identifying any filings (liens, judgments or bankruptcies) which may offset any assets which may be or have been identified in the process.


A thoroughly conducted Background Investigation will provide you with valuable information about an individual or company. This information is crucial in determining the credibility of potential witnesses, parties in a suit or claim, employees, business partners, spouses or employers. A Background Investigation will include all or any combination of the following investigative activities to achieve results:

  • Criminal Felony Records Search
  • Criminal Misdemeanor Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Civil Records Search
  • District Court Civil Records Search
  • County Court Civil Records Search
  • Marriage Records Search
  • Divorce Records Search
  • Real Property Records Search
  • Property Tax Records Search
  • Voter Registration Records Search
  • Tax Lien Records Search
  • Lien/Judgment Records Search
  • UCC Records Search
  • Assumed Name Records Search
  • Corporate Records Search
  • Address Verification Boat Records Search
  • Pilot License Records Search
  • Bankruptcy Records Search
  • Hunting and Fishing License Records Search
  • Vehicle Records Search


We are setting the standard in Subject Locate Investigations.  Working for numerous law firms, insurance companies, financial institutions and individuals, we have located the following:

  • Adverse Witnesses
  • Cooperative Witnesses
  • Parties in a Suit or Claim
  • Debtors
  • Missing Persons
  • Lost Family Members
  • Lost Friends


To succeed in business you must have honest, trustworthy, skilled employees. And you must know the people you do business with. Your company's success will depend on it.

Our investigators are from different backgrounds with a diverse scope of education. This diversity allows us to successfully handle a broad range of Corporate needs. From blue collar to white collar, our investigations are designed to provide you with detailed, accurate information.

  • Corporate Background Investigations
  • Individual Background Investigations
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Undercover Surveillance
  • Internal Surveillance
  • Internal Theft
  • Trademark Infringement

Electronic Counter Measures

Estimated Costs

Electronic counter surveillance of up to a 2-bedroom apartment - $  995.00

Electronic counter surveillance on a business location - $5000.00

Electronic counter surveillance on home > 5000 sq. ft. - $3500.00

Electronic counter surveillance on home > 3000 sq. ft. - $2500.00

Electronic counter surveillance on home > 1700 sq. ft. - $1500.00

Extensive sweep for unauthorized or illegal monitoring - $1250.00



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